Orlando Magic Logo

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Orlando Magic LogoOrlando Magic has moved from a somewhat cartoonish logo with plenty of stars to a more realistic one. And yet, it has still preserved much of its Magical Kingdom look.

Meaning and history

Orlando Magic Logo history

The sports club put a lot of effort into its first logo. The logo and the uniform were the result of the collaboration between the advertising agency The Advertising Works and Walt Disney World artists. More than five thousand suggestions were received from the team’s fans around the US.
Eventually, in 1990 the logo with stars instead of the letters “A” was introduced. There were around 20 smaller stars in the logo. Apart from the name of the team, there was a blue basketball with silver trim.


Orlando Magic emblem
Ten years later, the club modified its logotype without actually changing its key themes. The ball acquired a more “comet-like” appearance. In addition to the two stars in the words “Orlando Magic”, one more star appeared instead of the dot above the letter “i”. The overall number of stars was diminished to six (three in the wordmark, three more in the comet’s tail).

Current symbol

Orlando Magic symbol
Following the relocation to the Amway Centre in 2010, the team introduced a new symbol. Gone were the three stars in the wordmark. The very shape of all the letters was heavily modified. In fact, the typeface did not look “magic” any more.
However, the ball preserved its comet-like look, as well as the stars in its tail, so we cannot say that the team actually got rid of the “magic” theme.


Font Orlando Magic Logo
Although the typeface of the current logotype looks somewhat unusual, it is still way more regular than the one used in the original logo of the 1990s. The modern version is definitely more legible and clear.


Color Orlando Magic Logo
The Orlando Magic logo features all the three team’s official colors: blue, black, and silver. Originally Pat Williams wanted to opt for black and gold, but eventually the team chose silver and the electric blue that was developed by the MacGregor company specially for Orlando Magic.