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Toronto is the name of a football club from Canada, which was established in 2005. Today the club plays in the American Major League Soccer and is considered to be pretty strong and competitive. Toronto FC is owned by Maple Leaf Sports & Enter-tainment Group and coached by Greg Vanney.

Meaning and history

Toronto logo

The football club from Toronto got its logo designed in 2007, and it has not been changed yet. The club’s badge is very professional and modern, and it is one of those emblems, which can stay with the team for many years and will keep staying actual.

The Toronto FC logo is composed of a crest with a sleek red outline and an inter-esting stylized “Crown” above it. This “crown” is made up of four outlined pentagons, with four corners elongated and sharpened.

The body of the crest features a dark gray background with a lighter shade circle and a vertical rectangle overlapping it. The gray letter “T” is placed in the middle of the crest and has a wide red ribbon with the “Toronto” inscription crossing it horizontally.

The letters on the ribbon are executed in a modern geometric typeface with delicate sharp serifs and featured a white outlines shadow, which makes it look stylish and adds volume to the wordmark.

Two red letters “F” and “C” are written on the crest’s body, from the left and right of the “T”’s a vertical bar.