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Tor is a web browser, which enables users to stay anonymous. The software was released in 2002. Today Tor is available for Windows and mobile operating systems, but there is some restriction for using it on several websites.

Meaning and history

The name of the browser, Tor, is a derivative from “The Onion Router” and the brand keeps its name’s meaning in its visual identity.

The recognizable Tor logo is composed of a bold wordmark with the graphical element inside. The symbol is used as the browser’s icon and is one of the most remarkable and memorable contemporary brands’ logos.

Tor Emblem

The Tor inscription is executed in an extra-bold rounded sans-serif typeface, with the letter “O” replaced by an onion image.

The purple onion repeats the color of the other two letters and has its part cut out.

The purple, white and green color palette of the Tor logo is a representation of a creative brand, which values imagination and freedom, and has a young and rebellious character.

Tor Logo

The Tor logo is one of a kind, it looks playful, funny and modern. Its color palette allows using it on any possible surfaces, keeping the logo eye-catching and crispy.

The Tor visual identity is a symbol of tomorrow and its progress. It evokes a sense of energy and dynamics, showing she brand, that values freedom and innovations.