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The Thetford Mines Isothermic was the name of a professional hockey team based in Thetford Mines, Quebec. The LNAH team still exists but it has another name and logo.

Meaning and history

The Thetford Mines Isothermic logo history is eight years old, but the history of the franchise is much longer. It has been operating under different names since 1996. In 2007 the team got the name “Thetford Mines Isothermic”. In 2015 they were renamed as “Thetford Mines Assurancia”, which was the end of the Thetford Mines Isothermic logo history.

“Isothermic” came from the name of the club’s sponsors Portes & Fenêtres Isothermic who sold doors, windows and furnishings. Not only was the team named after its sponsors, but they also included some elements in their Thetford Mines Isothermic logo to point to the sponsorship.


Thetford Mines Isothermic Emblem

A gladiator in armor is wielding a hockey stick. Instead of a shield he is using a door. There is a house icon with windows and the sponsors’ name at the bottom of the logo. The team name is above the icon. All the wordmarks as well as the house icon feature a traditional incline.

The colors used in the Thetford Mines Isothermic logo are yellow, green, black, grey and white.