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The Luxury Closet is a fashion marketplace, established in 2011 and specialized in the distribution of luxury fashion brands for men and women. The website offers a wide selection of clothing, accessories, and jewelry from the world’s most famous designers. The e-commerce platform operates internationally with shipping to any corner of the world.

Meaning and history

The visual identity of the luxury fashion retailer is minimalist and elegant. The logotype in a monochrome color palette looks powerful and professional, fully reflecting the company’s profile and essence.

The traditional clothing business black and white color palette perfectly suit the e-commerce platform and its exquisite selection of outfits. The simplicity of the logotype elevates the company’s visual identity to a new level, putting it in one list with the most influential fashion platforms.

For the icon of the platform, the company uses an “LC” monogram, executed in the same typeface and color palette as the main version. It is laconic and professional, evoking a sense of reliability and expertise.

The Luxury Closet Logo


The wordmark of the high-end fashion e-store in all capitals is executed in a bold sophisticated serif typeface, which is an iconic Didot font, published by Linotype. The same typeface is used for the Vogue magazine logotype and is a perfect representative of a fashion-related business visual identity.


The luxury fashion marketplace offers a wide selection of high-end clothing and accessories, which can be both new and pre-owned. You. And register as a seller or buyer and shop for amazing exclusive items, getting great deals.

The world most luxury brands are being sold hire with up to 90% discount. Some items can be new or in great condition, just missing a tag. Or you can find a rare vintage gem, which is also a great addition to any wardrobe.

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The luxury marketplace, based in Dubai, is a perfect place for fashionistas to sell and buy clothing, bags, and jewelry they bought but never worn, as well as for small stores to sell their discounted items online.

The company offers an international delivery service, an authenticity check, and a guarantee and a perfect 24/7 customer support service, which will answer all the questions and make the shopping convenient and pleasant.

The company accepts various types of payments and works with the best delivery service providers worldwide in order to help their customers get the purchases in time.

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