SUNSKY is a Chinese e-commerce platform, which specializes in wholesale of smartphones and small electronic goods, along with fashion items and home decor. The marketplace was founded in 2005 by Xie Wanzhen and today is one of the most popular marketplaces in the world.

Meaning and history

The visual identity of the online retailer is strong and dynamic. Composed of a wordmark executed in two colors, it looks progressive and confident, evoking a sense of movement and innovations.

The yellow and black color palette of the company’s visual identity was inherited from the previous version, which was almost the same as the current one, but with a different style of the first letter “S”, which is also the platform’s signifier.

The “S” of the original logo was more orange and sharp, featuring strong lines and distinct angles. It was placed diagonally, pointing upright, as a symbol of speed and innovation.

The current “S” is softer and sleeker. It is executed in the same style as all the other letters of the nameplate and uses a lighter shade of orange, more yellow.

There is also a delicate tagline “Wholesale from China”, which was black on the previous logo and gained a light gray tone today. It makes the logo look lighter and more balanced.



The wordmark of the e-commerce platform is executed in a contemporary sans-serif typeface, which is very similar to Snasm Heavy Italic, but with its “S” modified. Its horizontal bars are cut diagonally, resembling the previous logo and accenting on the company’s progressive approach.

The bold lines of the nameplate and the rounded angles with a pointed peach of some of the bars, look stylish and make the logo memorable and professional.


One of the world’s biggest online wholesalers of electronic accessories and gadgets, Sunsky has thousands of items available in its catalog. Starting from cell phones and parts and finishing with telescopes and fishing lures, this website has definitely everything.

The company offers great deals and profitable packages for wholesale buyers, granting them special points and discounts. There is also an option of ordering free samples and see the special trends report, compiled by the e-commerce company, in order to be informed of the most popular items of the season.

The online retailer accepts almost all the possible payment methods, including PayPal, Western Union, and credit cards. The delivery service is available all over the globe and all the orders are shipped through reliable partnership companies.