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The varsity teams representing the athletic program of Texas Tech University in Lubbock, Texas, are known as Texas Tech Red Raiders.

Meaning and history

Texas Tech Red Raiders Logo history

The Texas Tech Red Raiders, established in 1925 through the initiative of the Matador Club – a passionate group of student supporters, represent the athletic prowess of Texas Tech University. This venerable institution has carved out a significant niche in collegiate sports history. Among its crowning achievements are the numerous conference titles and its remarkable presence in national athletic competitions. A pinnacle of their sports legacy was the men’s basketball team’s ascent to the NCAA Tournament championship game in 2019, a moment that etched the Red Raiders firmly in the annals of college sports. Presently, the Red Raiders maintain a dynamic presence in the realm of collegiate athletics, consistently showcasing excellence across a spectrum of sports. Their ongoing commitment to athletic distinction secures their esteemed status in the world of university sports.

What is Texas Tech Red Raiders?
Texas Tech Red Raiders epitomize collegiate sports excellence as the athletic representation of Texas Tech University. Competing in the elite NCAA Division I, they embody a rich tradition of competitive zeal and sportsmanship. Renowned for their accomplishments in diverse sports arenas like football, basketball, and baseball, they stand as a testament to the university’s commitment to athletic greatness and student-athlete development.

1963 – 1999

Texas Tech Red Raiders Logo-1963Unlike the current 3D emblem, the previous version was almost completely flat. There were no shades or gradient, which could have added some dimension. Both the letters were scarlet with simple thin black trim. We can add, though, that because the smaller letter was placed on the forefront, while the larger one was in the background, you could feel that at least there was a little depth.

1999 – 2003

Texas Tech Red Raiders Logo 1999
The redesign of 1999 added volume and strength to the Texas Tech Red Raiders logo, redrawing the letters in a three-dimensional way, and adding two more elements to the badge. The first addition is the horizontally stretched red rectangular banner in a black outline, with the bold white “Red Raiders” inscription in the uppercase of a sharp and stylish serif typeface. Another thing that was added to the original badge of the athletic program was a red “Texas Tech” lettering, set in the same typeface, but larger size, on the sides from the two “T”s.

2003 – 2007

Texas Tech Red Raiders Logo 2003
In 2003 the logo version, created in 1999 got refined, but the changes were left mostly unseen, as none of the elements was actually touched. It was all about cleaning contours and emboldening them, with the intensifying of the red shade in the Texas Tech Red Raiders tricolor palette. Such a small touch, but it added more power and depth to the badge.

2007 – Today

Texas Tech Red Raiders Logo

The teams have two mascots, Masked Rider and Raider Red, but none of them can be seen on the Texas Tech Red Raiders logo. Instead, it features a large letter “T” with a smaller “T” in front of it. The two letters represent the initials of the university’s name.

Both the glyphs are scarlet and black with black and white trim. The black shades add some dimension. In this form, the logo has been used since 2000.

Texas Tech athletic program

Texas Tech Red Raiders Logo

The program comprises 17 teams in 11 sports, including football, baseball, and basketball teams. They have combined to win 70 conference championships and four national championships. The Texas Tech Red Raiders basketball logo is the same as the university’s primary athletic logo.

Texas Tech Red Raiders Colors

RGB: (204, 0, 0)
CMYK: (0,100,81,4)

HEX COLOR: #000000;
RGB: (0, 0, 0)
CMYK: (0,0,0,100)

RGB: (255, 255, 255)

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