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The Texas-Arlington Mavericks are an athletic team based in Arlington, Texas. They compete in various sports, representing the University of Texas at Arlington. The team is known for their dedication and competitive spirit, striving for excellence in their respective fields. The Mavericks’ commitment to athletic achievement has made them a prominent force in collegiate sports in the region. The 15 athletic teams that represent the University of Texas at Arlington compete in the NCAA Division I Sun Belt Conference.

Meaning and history

Texas Arlington Mavericks Logo history

The UT Arlington Mavericks athletic team was founded in 1959. Since then, they have achieved notable success in various sports. The men’s basketball team won the Southland Conference Tournament in 2008 and 2012, securing their spots in the NCAA Division I Tournament. The women’s basketball team also had impressive performances, winning the Southland Conference regular season title in 2017. The Mavericks’ baseball team has consistently competed at a high level, earning multiple conference championships. Currently, the Texas-Arlington Mavericks continue to participate in the NCAA Division I and strive for further accomplishments in collegiate athletics.

What is Texas-Arlington Mavericks? 
The Texas-Arlington Mavericks is not a company but an athletic program representing the University of Texas at Arlington. They compete in various sports and are part of the NCAA Division I.

1991 – 2006

Texas-Arlington Mavericks Logo-1991The older Texas-Arlington Mavericks logo, which was in use in 1991-2006, is more abstract than the current one. On the old emblem, there were the letters “UTA” in blue with gold trim. The typography looked pretty dynamic – the impression, which was only reinforced by the gold star trace.

2007 – Today

Texas-Arlington Mavericks Logo

In 2007, a totally different emblem was introduced. The current  UT Arlington Mavericks logo is dominated by the side view of the head and neck of a horse. The name of the program is arching below.