Art Institutes Logo

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The logo of the Art Institutes uses a simple and unpretentious palette and design scheme.

Meaning and history

Art Institutes Logo

The Art Institutes system was officially established in 1969 when the Education Management Corporation purchased The Art Institute of Pittsburgh. At its height, the system comprised over 50 campuses.


Art Institutes symbol

The Art Institutes logo can be broken down into three parts: the red symbol, the wordmark, and the tagline.

The red monogram features interlacing capital “A” and lowercase “i.” The letters are joined by the horizontal bar of the “A,” which is extended to touch the dot over the “i.”

Wordmark emblem

Art Institutes emblem

To the right of the monogram, the text “The Art Institutes” can be seen. It’s given in a bold sans with elongated glyphs. Even the capitalized initials are smaller than the “A” on the red monogram. As a result, the monogram isn’t lost in spite of the fact that the text occupies a larger surface.

Font on the tagline

Institutes Art

The text “Create tomorrow,” which is given in smaller letters than the name of the institute, features a minimalistic sans.


Art Institutes

The wordmark includes only black and white, while the monogram on the Art Institutes logo adds a vivid shade of red as a bright accent color. As a result, the emblem gets more expressive and eye-catching.