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Terminix is an American nonpest and disinsection company, which was established in 1927 and today has its subsidiaries all over the USA and across more than 20 counties worldwide.

Meaning and history

Terminix logo consists of a strong bold wordmark in a bright green color, which is a symbol of nature and energy.

The extra-bold sans-serif typeface of the all-caps inscription is italicized and condensed. The only unique detail of the lettering is the small curve on the tail of the letter “R”.

Terminix logo
The logo evokes a sense of power and brutality. It shows the company as reliable and progressive, ready to come and solve your problems whenever it’s needed.

Green color evokes a sense of reliability and helpfulness, placed on a white background it creates a bright color combination, which makes the company’s logo memorable.

The Terminix logo is simple and laconic, but it shows strength and confidence. The thickness of the letters, the straight lines, and cuts, everything there is well-balances and harmonized.

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