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Teka is a German brand of kitchen and bathroom appliances manufacturer. It was founded in 1924 by Karl Thielman and became one of the most popular appliances brand in the world.

Meaning and history

Teka Logo history

Teka brand was established in 1924 with the Karl Thielman launch of agricultural company. After Helmut Klein joined Thielman as a partner in 1957, the Teka trademark was registered. The name of the brand is derivative from its founders initials.
The Teka logo was redesigned in 2018 and became more geometrical and confident. The white custom typeface of the wordmark is very modern and technological. The deep red background creates a great contrast with the wordmark and shows brand’s value of innovation and efficiency.
Teka logo
Teka is a German trademark and a proud owner of German mark of quality, as all the brands, launched in this country, Teka is reliable and innovative, manufacturing its products with excellence and functional design.