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Techinthebasket is an online retailer specializing in offering a wide range of electronics and gadgets at competitive prices. Known for their extensive collection, they provide the latest smartphones, cameras, laptops, and other tech essentials from renowned brands. Emphasizing customer satisfaction, they offer efficient shipping, comprehensive warranties, and supportive customer service. Techinthebasket aims to be a one-stop-shop for tech enthusiasts seeking quality, variety, and value.

Meaning and history

Techinthebasket’s history reflects a trajectory similar to many e-commerce ventures. Originating as a modest online retailer, the company carved its niche in the competitive world of online electronics sales. Specializing in a wide range of electronic products such as smartphones, cameras, and laptops, Techinthebasket focused on providing these gadgets from top brands at competitive prices.

One of the key aspects of its growth has been the commitment to customer satisfaction, which is evident in its policies of efficient shipping, comprehensive warranties, and responsive customer service. This customer-centric approach helped in building a loyal customer base and expanding its market reach.

Throughout its journey, Techinthebasket adapted to the rapidly changing tech landscape, continually updating its product offerings to include the latest technological innovations. This agility has been crucial in keeping the company relevant and competitive.

In terms of ownership, there has been at least one notable change. Mayur Naranbhai Maru was appointed as a director in September 2020 and resigned in September 2023, with Shakeel Ahmed appointed as a director in September 2023​​. Such changes at the top level often reflect a shift in company strategy or a new phase of growth.


Techinthebasket Logo

The logo features a stylized representation of a blue shopping basket, emphasizing the e-commerce aspect of the brand. Inside the basket, there are simplified, graphical representations of electronic items: a laptop, a smartphone, and possibly a tablet, showcasing the type of products the company specializes in. The company’s name, “,” is displayed prominently in a bold, sans-serif typeface, with “tech” in a lighter shade and “” in a darker hue, which provides a visual balance and reinforces brand identity. The overall design conveys a sense of convenience and variety, suggesting a comprehensive selection of tech products available for purchase.

The logo’s color palette, predominantly blue and yellow, is often associated with trustworthiness and high energy, respectively, which may be intended to evoke a reliable and dynamic shopping experience.

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