TCU Logo


The TCU Horned Frogs have gone through quite a few logos throughout their history. Today, the football team uses an arched wordmark and a horned frog emblem.

Meaning and historytcu football logo

The team has used several comparatively short-lived versions of the script logo until the “Flying TCU” emblem, where the “T” was extending out over the “CU”, was introduced in 1977. It was replaced by the arched wordmark, which was suggested by the team’s head coach Pat Sullivan in 1992, during his first season on this position. Interestingly enough, he invented the new logo as part of a bigger plan to replace the expectation of losing, which was then inseparably linked with the TCU team.

Athletic Frog symbol

tcu symbol

The primary athletic TCU logo features a grey horned frog with a black outline. Although the picture is far from being realistic, it is given in great detail. The reptile’s mouth is half open, as if to menace an invisible enemy. The frog appears under the arched lettering “TCU” on football helmets. However, according to the official logo identity standards of the university, this is the only case when the two can appear together.

Alternative emblems

tcu emblem

On some occasions, the so-called University Frog is used instead of the Athletic Frog. The university emblem depicts a horned frog as seen from above.

Also, the alternative emblems may vary from the regular ones in terms of the color scheme. While the colors themselves stay the same, they may be used in a different way (for instance, the frog’s outline may be not black, but purple, or the letters may be not purple, but white).

The wordmark and its font

font TCU Logo

The arched wordmark featuring a custom all-cap sans serif typeface is probably the most recognizable of all the Texas Christian University logos.


Color TCU Logo

The most noticeable color in the TCU logo is the so-called TCU Purple, which has the number 268 in the Pantone Matching System. In the Web Hex system, the color goes with the index #4d1979, while its RGB values are 77/25/121. The additional colors include grey (429 C in the Pantone system), white, and black.