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Tandberg is the name of a defunct Scandinavian manufacturer of telecommunication equipment, which was established in Norway in 1933 and ceased all operations in 2010. The company operates all over the globe, having its second office in New York.

Meaning and history

Tandberg is the company, which confidently started its path at the beginning of the 1930s as a manufacturer of radio, which then switched to recorders and televisions, although with years the specialization of the brand changed and it became one of the world most famous producers of tele- and video-conference equipment.

The company kept growing and expanding, using the latest technologies and creating new solutions for the manufacturing and designing of equipment and soft for telecommunications. And in 2009 they got under the attention of Cisco Systems, one of the world’s leading companies in the technological segment. Cisco acquired Tandberg for almost 3,5 billion USD, so the brand was renamed, yet keeps existing and evolving, offering new products for the market.

What is Tandberg?

Tandberg is a Scandinavian brand of electronics manufacturing and distributing company, which was founded in 1933 in Oslo, Norway. Since 2009 Tandberg is owned by Cisco, an American conglomerate, leading in the IT industry.

As for the visual identity, the Norwegian company has always been extremely solid and stable. The extra-bold logotype in a monochrome color palette brilliantly represented the info dense and strength of the brand, along with its expertise and experience. The simplicity of the concept was balanced by the boldness of the lines and the modern shapes of the letters.

???? – 2010

Logo Tandberg

The Tandberg logo is a strong and confident representation of the brand’s principles and values. It celebrates technological progress, high quality, and stability.

The monochrome palette of the strict typeface with straight clear lines evokes a sense of trust, confidence, and dedication to what the brand does.

It is a minimalist and timeless logo, which is modern and elegant in its simplicity, with a strong masculine basement, showing respect to customers and the brand’s reliability.

The typeface of the uppercase Tandberg logotype is pretty close to such fonts as Helvética Now Display Extra Bold and Lupio Black, but with the contours of the letters slightly modified.


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