Kohl’s Logo

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Kohl’s logo
Like the majority of department store retailing chains, Kohl’s Corporation has always had a simple wordmark-based logo.

Meaning and History logo

Kohl’s Logo history

The American retailer was originally a grocery store. Opened by an immigrant from Poland, Maxwell Kohl by name, the store appeared in one of the Milwaukee streets (Wisconsin) as early as in 1927. The first department store opened 35 years later. That day in September 1962 is considered to be the day when the company was born.
The first Kohl’s logo was introduced at the same time as the department store opened. It was a wordmark-based logo consisting of the company’s name “Kohl’s” and the “Department Stores” in a slightly inclined serif font.
kohls cares logo
As the business was not yet established at that time, they added the wordmark “Department Stores” below the company’s name so that customers could learn what exactly the company dealt with. The wordmark was of a small size, though, while the word “Kohl’s” was several times larger.

The 1979-1985 Emblem

kohls emblem
The customers saw the second version of the Kohl’s emblem in 1979. It did not feature any new elements, but the typeface changed. The wordmark “Kohl’s” appears to have been drawn by hand, while the “Department Stores” written in uppercase sans serif acquired a more modern look.

The Present Logo

Kohl’s symbol
The current symbol, like the previous ones, is a wordmark logo. Yet, it has changed. As the consumer awareness of the brand had increased by that time, the retailer got rid of the lettering “Department Stores”. Now the corporate symbol includes only the company’s name, which makes it easy to use it in marketing material and branding.
The serious and legible extra-bold Helvetica feels secure. Combined with the strong typography the emblem ensures strong brand recognition.
The Kohl’s logo palette consists of one color ‒ Burgundy (#800033).