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Swiss Re is a reinsurance and financial services provider, which was established in 1863 in Switzerland. Today the company is one of the world’s largest players in its segment and has around 15 thousand employees in almost 30 countries worldwide. One of the Forbes2000 lists has an annual revenue of more than 30 billion USD.

Meaning and history

Swiss Re Logo history

The company’s visual identity is strong and traditional. Once created long time ago, its logo was redesigned only in 2013, keeping the original meaning and symbolism.

???? – 2013

Swiss Re Logo old

The insurer’s logo was originally composed of a strict black wordmark with a minimalist emblem, depicting three vertical and one horizontal rectangles, iconic pillars. It is a symbol of the company’s stability and protection, which reflects the power and reliability of the brand and its policies.

2013 – now

Swiss Re Logo

The redesign of 2013 drought a new color palette and shapes to the historical logo. Now the emblem is drawn in white and placed inside a solid gray rounded, located on the left of the nameplate.

The new shape of the company’s visual identity aimed to express global extension of the insurance firm and customer centricity.

The moss-gray color palette of the Swiss Re visual identity symbolizes security and professionalism, along with stability and traditional and fundamental approach.


Swiss Re Emblem

The company’s wordmark is executed in a strong and solid sans-serif typeface, which is similar to Zurich WGL Bold font, with its clean thick lines and distinctive cuts and angles.

The traditional and powerful typeface reflects authority and expertise, pointing on the strong sides of the famous European insurer.


Swiss are is one of the most reliable European companies in its segment. It offers wholesale of reinsurance, insurance, and insurance-linked financial market products to individuals and businesses, as well as brokers. The group also serves other insurance companies and huge corporations all over the world.

Logo Swiss Re

The company, established in 1863 in Zurich 9operates in 4 main segments: Property and Casualty Reinsurance (business line property, motor, and specialty), Life and Health Reinsurance (property&casualty, life, and health plans), Corporate Solutions (plans for mid-size businesses and big corporations) and Life Capital (life&health insurance books). The Group also offers auto, liability, accident, engineering, marine, and aviation insurance products.

The reputable Swiss company also manages equity investments and fixed-income for insurance companies (and itself) and is trusted by thousands of businesses and millions of individuals across the globe.

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