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Both the old and the current versions of the Swiss International Air Lines logo are heavily inspired by the national flag of Switzerland, which is a white cross inside a red cross. While the logo of the company’s predecessor, Swissair, looked different, the source of inspiration behind it was the same.

Meaning and history

Swiss International Air Lines Logo history


Swiss International Air Lines Logo-2002

The original logo existed in two versions. Both of them featured a red square housing various design elements in white. The red square on one of the logos housed the word “Swiss” and a cross in the bottom right corner. Here, the glyphs were rather large. All the letters were lowercase.

The red square on the other logo housed the lettering “Swiss International Air Lines” in smaller letters. In this case, the initials were capitalized. In both the versions, a highly legible sans was used.

None of these logos seemed to make the most of the space they occupied. Also, there seemed to be no connection with the airline theme. The problems were resolved in the following version.


Swiss International Air Lines Logo

Here, you can see a white cross placed inside a red shape. The shape symbolizes an element of the empennage of an aircraft thus creating a link with the airline industry.

The new Swiss International Air Lines logo can be paired with the tagline “Our sign is a promise.”

Emblem Swiss International Air Lines


The wordmark features the same clean sans. The dot above the “I” has disappeared resulting in a design that is more minimalist without sacrificing the meaning.

Company overview

Logo Swiss International Air Lines

Swiss International Air Lines AG, more known as Swiss or Swiss Air Lines, is the flag carrier of Switzerland. The company appeared after Swissair, Switzerland’s then flag carrier, went bankrupt in 2002. It used many assets of its predecessor.

Today, the airline has over 90 airplanes and flies to over 100 destinations.