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Swarm is a social network mobile application, created by Foursquare in 2014. The program, available in 12 languages, lets users share their locations and experiences. Swarm has its versions available for both iOS and Android operating systems.

Meaning and history

The Swarm visual identity is warm and friendly. Its bright colors and a cartoon-like emblem evoke a sense of happiness.

The Foursquare Swarm logo is composed of a wordmark with a tagline and an emblem above it.

Swarm Emblem

The script lettering with its smooth curved lines create a kind and welcoming feeling, while the “by Foursquare” tagline in a bold sans-serif typeface balances it and adds professionalism and authority to the Swarm visual identity.

The Swarm emblem is a stylized image of a bee, moving to the right, tomorrow. The bee is a commonly known symbol of community and brightness, it also reflects the personal power and energy.

Swarm Logo

The yellow and orange color palette of the Swarm logo represents optimism, enthusiasm, and excitement. It shows the company as the one that values its users’ happy mood and tends to give them the opportunity to share the best moments with friends.

The Swarm logo is modern and friendly, it shows the application purpose perfectly and evokes a sense of trust and reliability.