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Superdry is a British fashion brand, which was established in 2003. Specialized in the design and production of casual outfits, the company follows Japanese and European fashion trends, making pretty affordable and very stylish garments for both men and women. The brand has its stores all over the globe today.

Meaning and history

The visual identity of the street fashion brand is a brilliant reflection of its style and main design concept. Simple and laconic, it combines European and Asian cultures in a direct and modern way.

The Superdry logo is a balance of East and West, of vintage and contemporary fashion. It is composed of a wordmark in English with its translation to Japanese and a bright trademark sign, which replaces an emblem here.

Superdry Logo

The main wordmark is written in a title case and uses a bold traditional sans-serif font with all the letters set very close to each other, but still with some spaces. The Japanese lettering in thin sophisticated lines is placed above the main nameplate, between the letters “S” and “D”, which set the borders.

The enlarged trademark sign, “R” in a circle, is executed in classic red color and features the same size as the letters of the main wordmark, but is placed a bit over the line, in its middle.

The black and red on a white color palette is a timeless symbol of style, passion, and power. It looks great with any fabrics and patterns of the brand’s clothing, it is instantly recognizable when seen on the Internet, and it is strong and professional when used on the official documents.

Cool, modern, and with the unique character, this is what the Superdry logo is. Minimalism in its best.

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