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Summum is a distinctive brand in the spirits realm, particularly known for its high-quality vodkas. Currently, the company delves into crafting premium beverages that appeal to connoisseurs globally. Its key markets span Europe, North America, and parts of Asia, where the demand for upscale spirits remains strong. The brand thrives under the guidance of its owners and a dedicated team, although specific ownership details might vary. Summum’s reputation stems from its commitment to excellence and the meticulous processes it employs in distillation, ensuring every bottle exudes refinement.

Meaning and history

Summum is a brand recognized in the spirits industry for its dedication to premium quality. From its inception, Summum has consistently aimed to craft exceptional beverages. Over the years, the brand may have seen shifts in leadership or ownership, but the core ethos has remained: producing spirits that stand out in the global market. Its dedication to sourcing the best ingredients and employing state-of-the-art distillation techniques has kept Summum at the forefront of the industry. Throughout its history, the brand has likely faced challenges, as any company does, but its commitment to excellence has allowed it to navigate these and continue to thrive.


Summum Logo

The visual showcases a distinctively crafted logo. At the uppermost region, a refined emblem features a stylized “S” intersected by two olive branches and a single drop, hinting at organic origins. The words “FRENCH SPIRITS” sit symmetrically beneath the emblem, reinforcing the brand’s essence. Dominating the central space, the word “SUMMUM” is emblazoned in bold uppercase letters, projecting an aura of prominence. Below this, the words “ORGANIC FRENCH VODKA” are articulated in a slightly reduced font size, offering clarity on the brand’s specialty. To cap off the design, the iconic French flag, displayed as two horizontal stripes — blue and red — situates subtly at the base, emphasizing the product’s rich French lineage. The entire design, with its monochrome palette, exudes elegance and premium quality.