Submarino Logo

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Submarino Logo
Submarino is a Brazilian online retailer, which offers a wide range of electronic gadgets and small homeware for sale. The company’s catalog also includes such categories as video games, pet food, mobile phones, and alcohol.

Meaning and history

Submarino Logo history

The visual identity of this e-commerce platform is bright and memorable. The logo, composed of an emblem and a wordmark, looks friendly and funny.
The emblem of the company is an image of a submarine, executed in white and placed on an electric-blue background, next to a white inscription. In some of the versions, the blue is not so intense and is used in a combination with gray and yellow, which is a happier and a more vivid mix.
On the previous version of the company’s visual identity the letters a numbing, creating a playful picture, while the current version is stricter and more modern.
The blue and white combination represents a reliable and loyal company, which is also professional and trustworthy.


The wordmark of the online retailer is executed in a bold traditional sans-serif typeface, which is similar to Myriad Pro Bold with straight lines and distinct edges and shapes. The white color of the inscription makes the whole logo neat and clean, evoking a sense of security and expertise.
Submarino Logo


Submarino is one of the most famous online retail platforms in Latin America. The website offers a wide selection of electronic devices and gadgets along with small and big appliances, including TVs and refrigerators.
Besides the domestic appliances and smartphones, the e-commerce platform also offers a range of furniture and home textiles, along with fashion items and books.
Another interesting category on the company’s website is travel deals, which include hotels and various activities at the best prices. The offers include both national and international destinations, offering the platform’s users a wide choice of where to go and what to do.
This is a one-stop shopping destination, which is very reliable and reputable and aims to provide the best service to its customers and offers them the most profitable deals.