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LovelyWholesale is a Chinese e-commerce company, which specializes in affordable fashion items. The platform was established in 2005 and today serves customers across the globe, offering a wide variety and clothing, footwear and accessories at bargain prices.

Meaning and history

The company’s visual identity is simple yet fully reflects the service’s purpose and profile. The text-based logo had one bright graphical element inside, which makes the whole logo unique and memorable.

The online retailer also has a web and mobile app icon, which is completely different from the original logo design.

The corporate logo is composed of a wordmark with a red tag with “Sale” lettering on it. It emphasizes the most important feature of the marketplace — low prices.

The black, red and white color palette of the company’s visual identity is the most powerful combination, which represents a strong business, which is reliable, loyal and responsible. The red accent evokes a sense of energy and passion, with which the e-commerce platform serves its numerous customers across the globe.

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The LovelyWholesale Icon uses another color scheme — pink and fuchsia. The white stylized letter “W” is placed in a bright pink square with rounded corners. It looks young, fresh and stylish. The most eye-catching element of the whole visual identity. Modern and juicy.


The wordmark in black and white is executed in a neat and simple Helvetica Family typeface with “L” and “W” capitalized. The traditional sans-serif font is a reflection of the company’s fundamental approach to business and its ability to create new solutions that will meet all their clients’ needs.

The simplicity of the inscription adds a sense of professionalism and confidence to the brand, evoking a sense of trust and responsibility.

As for the icon, the “W” is written in a custom sans-serif font, which boasts stair lines and sharp angles, perfectly representing a contemporary brand, focused on progress and excellent service.


LovelyWholesale Logo

LovelyWholesale offers the best deals on fashion items and accessories. The company provides many retailers across the globe with women and women clothing, shoes and bags, giving them super discounts and professional customer service.

Based in China, the e-commerce platform has access to all the huge manufacturers, which affects the prices. The marketplace has hundreds of thousands of items in its catalog and you can always find a better deal from a large number of suppliers and sellers.

The company offers worldwide delivery, secure payment service, and 24/7 online support. You can place your order directly on the website or through the mobile application, which is designed in order to make your shopping experiment even more interesting and convenient.