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Wardell Stephen Curry is a US pro basketball player often praised for his shooting accuracy. He is a part of the Golden State Warriors team.

Meaning and history

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One of the most popular American players was born on March 14, 1988, in the family of the ex NBA player Dell Curry. He became known while playing college basketball for Davidson College. The history of his collaboration with the Golden State Warriors started in 2009.

Who is Stephen Curry?
Stephen Curry is the name of the legendary basketball player, which was born in 1988, and plays for the Golden State Warriors club from San Francisco. Wardell Stephen Curry II (the full name of the sportsman) is considered to be the greatest shooter in the history of the National Basketball Association.


Symbol Stephen Curry

The Stephen Curry logo consists of his initials, “S” and “C”. They look dynamic and even a bit aggressive. The sharp ends of the characters may be regarded as a way to convey Curry’s sharp eye and shooting accuracy, while the missing part of the “S” emphasizes the dynamic style of the logo.

Comparison with the Golden State Warriors emblem

Stephen Curry Emblem

The Golden State Warriors emblem does not bear any resemblance to the Curry symbol. In fact, his insignia was created from scratch, without any noticeable visual link to his team.


Font Stephen Curry Logo

It is hardly possible to discuss the typeface as a whole, as there are only two letters in the wordmark. Both the letters are similar in their style and mood.


Color Stephen Curry Logo

The Stephen Curry logo can be given in a variety of colors depending on the visual context.