New York Knicks Logo

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new york knicks logo

Taking into consideration that the New York Knicks logo has gone through not less than seven updates, it is amazing that at least one design element (the basketball) has survived all the changes and stayed even in the current version.

Meaning and history

New York Knicks Logo history

The earliest logo, which was adopted for the team’s debut 1946-47 season, depicted a player (nicknamed Father Knickerbocker) with a basketball. The badge was created by the sports cartoonist Willard Mullin.


new york knicks symbol

The 1964 variation, which was developed by Bud Freeman of the J.C. Bull advertising agency, looked like a prototype of the current logo. There was a brown basketball with a 3D lettering “Knicks” above. The typeface had something in common with the current one, although they are far from being identical.

The current emblem

new york knicks emblem

The “basketball” logo underwent several modifications throughout more than half a century following its debut in the 1964-65 season. The most significant redesign was performed in 1992 by Michael Doret. It resulted in introduction of a new design element – a triangle, which served as the background. The typeface was a completely new one, yet, it featured a 3D effect and because of that looked somewhat similar to its predecessor, at first glance.

ny knicks new logo

Originally, Michael Doret created the logo with a depiction of the Empire State Building in the center. However, as NBA was afraid that it wouldn’t be able to get the rights for it, the building was removed.


The 3D effect is probably the most notable feature of the typeface. The letters do not belong to any of the commercial fonts; they were created from scratch specifically for the New York Knickerbockers logo.


new york knicks logo color

The team’s official color palette coincides with that of New York City. It includes orange (PMS 165), blue (PMS 293), and white. In some cases, black and silver are also included in the list.