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Atos is a computer software company, established in 1988 in France. The company specializes in cloud data storage and cybersecurity programs and today operates all over the globe with more than 100 thousand employees.

Meaning and history

Atos Logo history

The Atos text-based logo is bold and elegant. It shows a completely different approach from the previous company’s logo, which stayed with the brand for more than 15 years.

What is Atos?
Atos is the name of one of the french largest companies engaged in the development of computer software. The company was established at the end of the 1980s and by today has grown into one of the European leaders in its segment.

2000 – 2011

Atos Logo 2000
This oldest Atos logo consisted of a name wordmark (‘Atos Origin’) and an image of a fish nearby. The latter used a regular red serif style, written in two lines. The upper line was occupied by the word ‘Atos’ and the fish, which had a small blue body with orange fins. The second word ‘Origin’ was placed below the center of this composition.

2011 – Today

Logo Atos

The original Atos logo was composed of a red wordmark in a classic serif typeface with a bright emblem above it. The emblem depicted a tropical fish, which was colored blue and yellow and was facing right.

The fish was a symbol of mobility, responsiveness, and vitality of the company and stayed on the logo even after the merger of Atos with Origin in 2000.

Atos Logo

The redesign of 2011 brings a completely new approach — minimalistic and elegant. The Atos logo is now composed of a single wordmark in a bold and smooth serif typeface. The first and last letters of the inscription are capitalized, while the two middle “T” and “O” are in the lowercase and connected with each other.

The classic blue color palette of the Atos logo is a representation of a stable and professional company, which values quality and innovations.

Font and Color

The sophisticated and stable inscription from the primary Atos badge is set in a custom serif typeface with sleek thick lines and softened contours of the heavy letters. The closest fonts to the one, used in this insignia, are, probably, Palo Slab Wide SemiBold or Calypso E Demi old but with some visible modifications.

As for the color palette of the Atos visual identity, it is based on a calm and pleasant shade of blue, which represents professionalism, confidence, and reliability. Blue symbolizes quality and fundamental approach, pointing to the strongest sides of the brand.