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Fugro is a multinational geo-data analyzing company, which was established in 1962 in the Netherlands. Fugro operates in more than sixty countries across the globe and is known as one of the most professional and reliable companies in its segment.

Meaning and history

Fugro is a progressive and dynamically growing company with a strong background in research and development. The visual identity of the brand is strong and modern.

The Fugro logo is composed of a wordmark, which is executed in a custom-drawn typeface with bold and sharp lines. The black all-caps lettering features thick and contemporary forms, with the letter “F” as the main element of the brand’s identity.

Logo Fugro

The Fugro “F” has an elongated and sharpened tail, which reflects the company’s striking to be the leader of the market and its confidence. The letter “F” also features an elongated horizontal bar, which adds a sense of movement and speed.

The solid black color of the Fugro wordmark celebrates the brand’s professionalism and expertise, evoking a sense of reliability and authority.

Fugro logo

It is a very stylish and contemporary logo, which is instantly recognizable and reflecting the core principles of the company. It is powerful and eye-catching, based on all the best characteristics of the Dutch design.

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