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Staedtler is a German brand of stationery products manufacturer, which was founded in 1935. The brand is famous for its art materials, such as color paint and pencils. The brand sells its supplies all over the globe.

Meaning and history

Staedtler Logo history

1908 – 1912

Staedtler Logo 1908

1912 – 1925

Staedtler Logo 1912

1925 – 1952

Staedtler Logo 1925

1952 – 1957

Staedtler Logo 1952

1957 – 1963

Staedtler Logo 1957

1963 – 1973

Staedtler Logo 1963

1973 – 2001

Staedtler Logo 1973

2001 – Today

Staedtler logo
The Staedtler logo is composed of a strict geometric wordmark and a famous brand’s emblem.

The emblem is a Head of Mars (the full company’s name is Staedtler Mars GmbH), which was originally created in 1958 and slightly changed during the brand’s history. It symbolizes brand’s reliability, innovative creation and precision.

Logo Staedtler

The intense blue color palette of the logo shows the brand as professional and evokes the sense of trust, comfort and stability.

Staedtler is a brand with rich heritage, yet open to progress and movement. The Staedtler logo is a unique quality mark, which is associated with the best writing instruments ever created.