Spyderco Logo

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Spyderco is the brand of knives and cutlery producers, founded in 1978 in the United stated. The company is known for its innovative approach and a lot of pioneer products created.

Meaning and history

The Spyderco visual identity looks playful and modern. The brand’s logo is composed of an instantly-recognizable emblem and a wordmark on its right.

The Spyderco brand’s name inscription is executed in a modern sans-serif typeface with bold lines, rounded angles and the straight cut of the letters’ edges.

The Spyderco emblem is a bug with eight legs. The company was thinking about choosing a spider as its symbol, but the idea seemed too obvious, and they decided to invent their own critter.

Spyderco Logo

The brand usually uses a monochrome color palette for its visual identity, but sometimes the red color is added, to accent on the power and strength of the company.

When placed on the brand’s knives, the Spyderco badge is enclosed in a silver circle frame and the big is executed in silver color as well, which looks modern and stylish on a black glossy background.