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Seattle Sounders is the name of the football club from the United States which was established in 1994 in Washington and joined MLS in 2007. Today it is one of the strongest and most popular teams in Major League Soccer. The Sounders are owned by Adrian Hanauer and has Brian Schmetzer as the head coach.

Meaning and history

Seattle Sounders Logo history

Seattle Sounders is a club, which only had one logo redesign since the day of its foundation. Though the new emblem is executed in a pretty calm color palette, it looks creative and playful, showing a unique character of the team and their progressive and even futuristic approach to everything, including design.

1994 – 2007

Seattle Sounders 1994

The original logo of the Sounders was colorful and playful, looking more like a banner of the Oceanarium or something related to it. It was a bold sans-serif “Sounders” inscription, executed in two shades of blue, with a white line, coming through all the letters and symbolizing a wave.

The black and white whale was coming out of the letter “O”, playing with a monochrome football, placed above its head and outline in a stylized orange sun.

The additional lettering was placed over and under the nameplate, executed in dark blue, and featuring a very simple and minimalist font.

2008 – 2023

Seattle Sounders Logo 2009

The logo, introduced in 2008, is composed of two overlapping shields and an arched banner with a wordmark on it.

On the background, there is a blue sharp shield with a double dark-blue and white outline. The sides of the shield are arched to the center and the angles are pointed and slightly elongated.

The green crest, overlapping the blue one, has a more traditional shape, with its upper part triangular and its sides arched from the center. It has the same double outline as the blue shield.

On the green one, there is an image of the famous Seattle Space Needle, which is executed in the dark blue color, balancing the frame, and outlined in white.

The “Seattle Sounders FC” inscription is placed on an arched white banner, which crosses the emblem. It is written in all capitals of a modern sans-serif typeface with tricky pointed elements on some of the letters.

The blue and green color palette of the football club’s logo symbolizes their homeland — water and forests around Seattle, while white and dark blue stand for confidence, loyalty, and reliability of the team.

2023 – Today

Seattle Sounders Logo

The logo unfurls a unique blend of modern design infused with rich historical symbolism. Central to the design is a vibrantly colored shield, its geometry sharp and precise. The shield, a symbol of defense and pride, usually reserved for coats of arms, perhaps indicates a legacy, a heritage, or an institution of significance. The bright lime green color fills the shield, emitting an aura of freshness, enthusiasm, and growth – attributes often associated with contemporary and forward-thinking entities.

Dominating the heart of this shield is an iconic structure that immediately resonates with viewers familiar with the skyline of Seattle – the Space Needle. This towering emblem stands tall, its sleek blue silhouette contrasting beautifully against the verdant backdrop. The choice of the Space Needle not only adds an element of geographical identity but also embodies innovation, vision, and a reach-for-the-stars attitude. Flanking the Space Needle at its base are the numbers “19” and “74”, etched in a minimalist yet clear font. This date, 1974, holds significance.

Bordering the shield is a deeper blue outline, adding depth and dimension to the design.

Seattle Sounders Colors

HEX COLOR: #236192;
RGB: (35, 97, 146)
CMYK: (96, 54, 5, 27)

RGB: (101, 141, 27)
CMYK: (62, 1, 100, 25)

RGB: (29, 37, 45)
CMYK: (90, 68, 41, 90)