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Spirit Airlines, Inc. is an ultra-low-cost carrier airline with its headquarters in Miramar, Florida, US. Its operating bases are located in over five cities, including Atlantic City and Chicago–O’Hare.

Meaning and history

Spirit Airlines Logo history


Spirit Airlines Logo 2002

While the history of the airline started in 1980, the earliest Spirit Airlines logo was pretty generic. We cannot say the same about the design introduced in 2002. It looks unusual and memorable. The company name is written across a wall built up of blue bricks. The gradient adds some dimension and softens the square shapes.


Spirit Airlines Logo 2007

The brick design is replaced by an easier-to-grasp logo. Both the words in the name of the company are italicized, although the types are different. The red accent seen in the previous emblem is still there – it has taken the form of a red curve on the letter “r.”

While both the word “Spirit” and the word “Airlines” are lowercase, the former is by far larger and more visible. The type combines square angles with the bold curve of the “r.”


Spirit Airlines logo

The Spirit Airlines logo has grown even simpler. It is now black-and-white. The word “Airlines” has disappeared.

The lettering “Spirit” looks the same as in the previous wordmark, except for the color.