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Air France Hop is a prominent airline today, offering regional flights across Europe. As a subsidiary of Air France, it is owned by the Air France-KLM Group. The company operates from various airports, including Paris-Orly and Lyon-Saint Exupéry, connecting passengers to over 100 destinations. With a fleet of modern aircraft, Air France Hop ensures comfortable and efficient travel for both business and leisure passengers.

Meaning and history

Air France Hop Logo history

Air France Hop is a French regional airline founded in 2013 as a merger between three regional carriers. It was established by Air France and the French regional airlines Brit Air, Regional, and Airlinair. Air France Hop operates a network of domestic and European flights, primarily connecting smaller cities and hubs.

Since its inception, Air France Hop has achieved several milestones. It has expanded its route network, offering convenient connections for passengers traveling to and from regional destinations in France and beyond. The airline has focused on providing reliable and efficient service, aiming to meet the needs of both business and leisure travelers.

Air France Hop was operating a fleet of turboprop and regional jet aircraft. The airline maintained codeshare agreements with Air France and other partner airlines, enabling passengers to access a broader range of destinations.

What is Air France Hop?
Air France Hop is a regional airline based in France. It operates short-haul flights to various destinations within Europe using a fleet of turboprop and regional jet aircraft. It serves as a subsidiary of Air France and focuses on connecting smaller cities and towns to major hubs in France and neighboring countries.

2013 – 2019

Air France Hop Logo 2013

The original logo was created for Air France Hop air carrier in 2013, and stayed in use for half a decade. It was a stable geometric composition in blue and red, with the uppercase blue “AirFrance” set under an enlarged red “HOP” in the uppercase, followed by a slanted exclamation mark, also in red. The bottom line of the logo was followed by a small red emblem of the mother brand.

2019 – now

Air France Hop Logo

The redesign of 2019 has brightened up the color palette of the AirFrance Hop visual identity, and balanced the logo in terms of shapes and sizes. Not the blue “AirFrance” is set above the red “Hop”, and has its characters a bit larger. The two-leveled inscription is followed by a gradient red emblem on the right.