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SoundMax is a brand of a sound driver developed by Analog Devices. It is an audio processing algorithm used by Windows, and well-known around the world, yet most part of its users comes from the USA and Canada.

Meaning and history

Logo SoundMAX

The SoundMAX logo is a sharp and strong wordmark, executed in black. The nameplate is divided in two parts with different fonts and thickness of the letters. The “sound” part in all-lowercase is italicized and soft, while the “MAX” in all-caps has straight and strict bold lines. This combination of smooth and geometric is complimented by a graphical symbol of triangle, which replaces the “A” bar. Triangle is a symbol of growth and progress, which shows the brand’s values quite good. The SoundMAX logo is distinct and strong, it resembles of masculinity and independence.

What is SoundMAX?
SoundMAX is a company that specializes in audio solutions and technology. They develop and manufacture audio hardware and software components for a wide range of devices, including computers, smartphones, and home entertainment systems.

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