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Sisley is the name of a high-end brand of skincare and make-up cosmetics, which was founded in France in 1976. The brand was established by the d’Ornano family and based on the idea of using the best natural ingredients and creation of phyto-cosmetic formulas.

Meaning and history

Sisley Paris is a cosmetics brand founded by the d’Ornano family. It is often being confused with Sisley, a clothing brand owned by Benetton Group S.r.l. Together with the United Colors of Benetton, Sisley forms the core business of Benetton Group. But the luxury cosmetic label has nothing to do with it.

Sisley creates youth-enhancing skin products and decorative phytocosmetics, as well as some of the best fragrances in France. Most of the production is located in France, at the factory in Blois.

The brand was established by a family, which is very well-known in France and has an aristocratic background, which was brought to the DNA of the brand. Sisley is all about luxury and quality, and the brand willingly invests time and money into creating new and enhancing old formulas according to all the innovations in the industry.

Thanks to our deep knowledge of the skin’s structure and the mechanism of its processes, Sisley’s scientific researchers create formulas of the highest effectiveness. With one goal in mind: to use the best of the world of plants in optimal concentrations for the latest formulations that combine effectiveness, good tolerance, and pleasure in textures.

What is Sisley?

Sisley is a French cosmetic brand, founded in the middle of the 1970s, and offering luxury products for make-up and skin-care, along with exquisite perfumes and accessories. Although the brand operates in the high price segment, its product has proved their efficiency and have fans all over the globe.

As for the visual identity of the label, it is pretty controversial. While the cosmetics brand is rather old (founded in 1976), the Sisley logo does not say “heritage.” It has a contemporary and utilitarian style.

1976 – Today

Logo Sisley

The Sisley logo is composed of the main wordmark, complemented by a delicate tagline. The primary color palette of the logo is gold on white, but the black-and-white version is also used very often.

The word “Sisley” features the lowercase version of a simple sans serif type. Its most distinctive features are probably the gap in the “y” and the short distance between the ends and the bodies of such letters as “s” and “e.”

The lowercase Sisley inscription is set in a modern and bold typeface with jo serifs. It looks quite similar to Eurocine Medium, very stylish and powerful font with stable letters-shapes.