Pepsodent Logo

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Pepsodent Logo

Taking into consideration the long history of the toothpaste brand (it was introduced in the US in 1915), it is only natural that the Pepsodent logo has gone through multiple updates.

Meaning and history

Pepsodent Logo history

1915 (according to other sources – 1901)

The original logo was the most creative one. The ends of the “P” and “D” were extended, other glyphs also had an unusual shape.


A simpler sans was introduced. The initial, the “P,” had an elongated end at the top.


The “thorn” on the “P” was removed, the “t” adopted a curve. You can already see that the wordmark is blue.

Logo Pepsodent


The italics on the Pepsodent logo were much more noticeable.


A red curve appeared under the logo.


In this version, the italics are not so extreme. The red curve has been preserved, though.