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Secret is the name of one of the world’s most famous lady’s deodorant manufacturers. The brand was established in the 1950s and stays popular across the globe, offering several different products for ladies’ hygiene.

Meaning and history

Secret logo

The visual identity of the iconic brand has not changed much since the foundation of the company. The style and color palette of the Secret deodorants logo was designed in the 1950s and only slightly modified by today.

So the intense and deep blue color of the inscription today gained a light-blue shade, symbolizing purity and freshness. As for the logotype itself, it was written in a bold cursive, and today’s version has its lines more delicate and elongated.

Another thing that was changed — is the placement of the logo. The wordmark now is placed slightly diagonally. This evokes a sense of energy and dynamics, repre-senting the brand and progressive and reliable one.

The Secret logo is a brilliant example of timeless elegance and femininity. It shows style and sophistication along with a willingness to protect and care.