Sinbo Logo

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Sinbo is a Turkish manufacturer of small home appliances. It was founded in the 1990s and now is a “Global Brand” exporting spanning to more than eighty countries.

Meaning and history

The Sinbo logo is simple and clever. A dark gray wordmark in the lower-case lettering is complimented by a red dot in the end of the name.

The typeface of the brand’s name is bold and italicized, and looks simple at the first sight, but it resembles of eastern style handwriting with its “S” and “B” letter lines.

Logo Sinbo

The simplicity of color palette adds elegance and style to the logo. Strict dark gray of the wordmark is accompanied by a bright red dot, which adds modernity and style to the whole logo.

The Sinbo logo shows the brand as strong and confident, caring of the quality of its products and the happiness of its consumers.