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Simple Dress is an online fashion retailer, focused on selling evening gowns and dresses for special occasions, such as proms and weddings. The e-commerce platform operates internationally, offering worldwide delivery on all the wide range of its dresses available online.

Meaning and history

The visual identity of the gowns retailer is simple yet fine and elegant. The logo, composed of a mirrored wordmark with an emblem, looks tender and fresh, reflecting the main audience of the e-commerce platform — young ladies.

The black nameplate is complemented by a sophisticated light pink butterfly, which is placed between the two words and is facing left. The butterfly uses three different shades of pink, but all are very light and soft, symbolizing femininity and tenderness.

The black inscription represents the professionalism and confidence in the online retailer and its expertise in the field of beautiful dresses for special occasions.

The logo of the company is memorable and fresh, it has a young mood and perfectly reflects the essence and nature of the online retailer.

Simple Dress Logo


The wordmark is executed in a bold serif typewriter font, which is very similar to Courier 10 Pitch WGL Roman. This unusual for the fashion brand typeface makes the online retailer stand out on the list of its competitors.

The inscription looks bold and strong, showing a reliable and responsible company, which values quality and design.


The online retailer specializes in beautiful feminine dresses for proms, wedding and other special occasions. You can find an amazing dress of any style and color in the company’s catalog.

There is also a wide selection of accessories, suitable for every dress of the retailer’s range. Clutches, jewelry, and headpieces will make any girl shine.

In the wedding section, you can also find all the possible goods, starting with dresses and finishing with bouquets and gloves.

The company cares about its reputation and all the products on their website is carefully selected by a team of professional stylists. As for the shipping and payment methods, the company delivers orders internationally via DHL and EMS services and accepts various types of transactions — credit cards, PayPal and bank transfers.