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Silent Hill is a media franchise inspired by the literary genre of psychological horror. The key part of the franchise is a namesake series of survival horror video games, which was created by video game director and designer Keiichiro Toyama, developed and published by Konami.

Meaning and history

Silent Hill Logo history

In 1999, the series was started by a video game, where Harry Manson was looking for his adopted daughter, who had disappeared in the city of Silent Hill.

1999 – 2010

Silent Hill Logo 1999

Both the original Silent Hill logo and the following one work to conjure up the same emotions, yet they use different approaches to reach the goal.
The original logo looks like a very old road sign, where some of the letters have already almost disappeared. This effect is specifically noticeable in the initial and final letters, which are very thin. Even the glyphs that are still rather bold aren’t solid. Instead, they have multiple scratches.
In other words, the wordmark looks like a road sign that has seen better days. What had happened to this city and its inhabitants? Where are they? These questions inevitably come to mind, and you’re left wanting more information.

2007 – now

Silent Hill logo

Here, letters also have a different weight. Yet, they don’t look old – there aren’t any scratches or ragged borders of any sort.
Instead, the wordmark represents a bizarre (if not sinister) combination of “normal” glyphs with “dangerous” ones. What we mean by “dangerous” is the addition of all sorts of sharp elements (note the “L,” the “E,” and the “I,” for instance). The “T” bears an uncanny resemblance to the hammer. Even the glyphs we’ve called “normal” (the “L’s,” or the “N,” for example, have sharpened elements).


As the Silent Hill logo doesn’t include a pictorial part, its typography plays a crucial role. The letters haven’t been taken from an existing font but were drawn specifically for the purpose.


The default color scheme for the existing wordmark is black and white. It can be adjusted to fit any visual context, no matter whether the background is white or black.