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Epic Games is a video game developer, established in 1991 in the United States. The company became one of the market’s leaders after creating Fortnite game in 2017. Today it is considered to be the most successful software and gaming company in North America with its subsidiaries in Europe and Asia.

Meaning and history

Epic Games Logo history

The Epic Games’ visual identity has always been strong and evoking a sense of power and authority. There were five major redesigns of the company’s logo during almost 30 years of its history, but every logo reflected the brand’s strong character and showed it at its best.

1991 – 1993

Epic Games Logo 1991

The very first Epic Games logo was designed in 1991 and was completely different from all six versions of the company’s visual identity. It often happens to the original logo as the company doesn’t have its signature approach and style yet.

The Epic Games logo from 1991 featured a thin blue serif “Epic MegaGames” lettering placed on the right of a geometric blue and red emblem, which was composed of many squares of different sizes.

The tagline “The New Name in Computer Entertainment” was placed under the wordmark and colored red.

The logo was simple and modest, a good first try.

1993 – 1995

Epic Games Logo 1993

The new logo was created in 1993 and stayed with the company for another two years. It was a three-dimensional metallic badge, with sharp geometric “Epic” lettering, that was cut from the metal gray surface, showing the red and black background. The “MegaGames” inscription featured a calm gray color and was placed under the “Epic”. The tagline was almost invisible, being gray on gray.

1995 – 1999

Epic Games Logo 1995

In 1995 the company’s logo started gaining the contours we all know today. The glossy metallic rectangle, which was placed vertically, featured a bold and neat “Epic” lettering engraved on its upper part in black color. The “MegaGames” inscription is placed on a thin horizontal rectangle, placed under the “Epic” part.

The sharp triangle, pointing down is placed under the wordmark. It adds strength and courage to the brand’s logo.

1999 – 2005

Epic Games Logo 1999

The company changes its name from “Epic MegaGames” to “Epic Games” and it is the only thing, that was changed in their visual identity. The letters are bolder now and the contours of the emblem are refined.

2005 – 2015

Epic Games Logo-2005

The Epic Games logo from 2005 features a new pennant shape. The three-dimensional logo still uses gray and black as its main colors, but now a small or range element is added to its bottom part — an arrowhead, pointing down.

2015 – Today


Epic Games logo

The current Epic Games logo was created in 2015 and is a simplified version of the previous one. It is a flat badge, executed in a monochrome color palette.

The sans-serif lettering of the logo looks professional and minimalist. Two parts of the inscription are executed in different typefaces — the “Epic” part in Social Gothic Bold, while the “Games” is written in Pluto Sans Heavy.

The Epic Games logo looks contemporary and powerful. It is a perfect visual identity for the company, which owns several popular games, which are bright and colorful.