John Frieda Logo

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One of the best-known celebrity hairstylists in the UK, John Frieda is also the founder of the namesake brand of hair products. The line was purchased by Japanese Kao Corporation in 2002.

Meaning and history

John Frieda Logo

The John Frieda logo looks like the logo of a fashion house. The name of the hairstylist features a simple and elegant type. The glyphs are elongated but, on the whole, the proportions and the shape are classic. The most distinctive letter is probably the initial “J” with its somewhat shortened end.

Below, there is a horizontal bar. You can also see the names of three cities: London (where Frieda was born and lived much of his life), New York (where he moved at the age of 37), and Paris.

What is John Frieda?
John Frieda is a well-known company specializing in hair care products. It offers a range of hair care solutions, including shampoos, conditioners, styling products, and treatments. With a focus on creating salon-quality results at home, John Frieda products are trusted by many for their innovative formulas and ability to address various hair concerns.