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SharafDG is an online retailer of electronic devices, which was established in 2005 in the United Arab Emirates. The company has a wide selection of smartphones and small electric appliances and also sells home accessories and beauty products across the Middle East region.

Meaning and history

Sharafdg logo

The visual identity of the e-commerce platform is simple and modest. Built around bright colors, its logo is composed of a wordmark, executed in two different styles.

The blue inscription is placed on a dark yellow, close to the orange, background. This color combination symbolizes energy and reliability, representing the company as a professional and trustworthy one.

The color scheme of the online retailer’s visual identity is what makes the logo memorable and instantly recognizable across the globe.

The company’s logo is a symbol of professionalism and a traditional approach to innovative products. It looks timeless and evokes a sense of confidence and seriousness of the online retailer, making their customers trust them and feel safe.


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The wordmark, composed of two parts, which are placed without any space between each other, looks simple yet reflects the purpose of the company and the assortment of its products. The “Sharaf” part is executed in a traditional and elegant serif typeface, which is similar to the ITC Benguiat Pro Medium font. Its delicate elongated serifs add sophistication and finesse to the inscription.

While the “DG” part of the nameplate is all about technology and innovations. Written in a bold custom sans-serif typeface its extended letters show the company’s profile, accenting on innovations and latest IT developments.


One of the leading players on the Arabian e-commerce market, Sharaf DG in an online retailer of electronic devices and gadgets. The company’s catalog includes such positions as computers and tablets, TV and accessories, cameras and also various home and kitchen appliances. There is also a selection of bags and accessories along with toys and beauty products.

The e-commerce platform serves more than a million customers across the countries of the Middle East, providing them with thousands of goods, available with fast-tracked delivery and 24/7 support service.

The range of the company’s products is constantly expanding in order to make the e-store a one-stop shopping destination for families across UAE, Oman, Kuwait, and Egypt.