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Strawberrynet logoStrawberrynet Logo PNG is a make-up and skincare online retailer, which was established in 1998 in Hong Kong. Today it is one of the world’s most popular e-commerce platforms in its segment, which operates across the globe and has a huge selection of cosmetics and perfume.

Meaning and history

The visual identity of the online beauty products retailer is instantly recognizable across the globe. Its bright logo, composed of an emblem and a wordmark on its right, uses two intense colors, which make it memorable and unique.

The color palette of the company’s logo is composed of purple and red, the colors symbolizing love, passion, and creativity. This bright combination also evokes an artistic sense, showing the feminine nature of the e-coerce platform and its wide array of items.

Strawberrynet Logo1

The three-dimensional emblem of the online retailer depicts a strawberry, which is simply placed in a white background near the nameplate, or inside a purple square with rounded angles when used as an icon for mobile applications.

Representing the company’s name, the red berry also accents of the freshness and beauty of the skin. This red element reflects the unique and powerful brand and is perfectly balanced by a clean purple wordmark.


The inscription, set in two levels, is composed of the company’s name and a “Fresh Beauty” tagline, both executed in purple, but using two different fonts.

The “Strawberrynet” is written in a bold rounded sans-serif typeface, which is similar to Proxima Soft SemiBold, a simple smooth font, which looks friendly and loyal.

The tagline uses a lighter font, which can be whether Proxima or Madera Regular. Its thin lines add freshness to the whole composition and harmonize the image.


Strawberrynet Logo

Offering probably the largest selection of beauty brands on the Internet, Strawberrynet is one of the most popular shopping destinations for those who care about their skin, hair, and body.

The company’s catalog includes hundreds of thousands of perfume, make-up and skincare products, along with a special section of men’s cosmetics and fragrances for home.

The online retailer provides customers from all over the world with the products of the highest quality from the world’s best-known labels. The e-commerce platform offers worldwide delivery (more than 200 countries across the globe) and accept various payment methods in order to make their clients feel safe and comfortable.

All the products on the website are original, and the company offers a 3-month window for a money refund in case the customer is not fully satisfied with the services or quality of items.

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