Seven for All Mankind Logo

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The logo of the premium denim brand 7 For All Mankind reflects its casual, free spirit.

Meaning and history

The history of the brand started in the fall of 2000 in Los Angeles, California. Since its first days, the brand has specialized in premium denim. The company is proud of its “innovative use of fabrics, fit, and finishes.”

The brand, which is also known under the name of “Sevens,” boasts celebrity fans, including Emma Stone, Kim Kardashian, and Ashton Kutcher, to name just a few.


Logo Seven for All Mankind

The Seven for All Mankind logo is dominated by the large number “7.” It is rather bold and seems to have been drawn by hand. Its sides are not smooth – there is a casual stroke every here and there.

At the forefront, there is the writing “for all mankind” in lowercase letters. The script has been inspired by handwriting. It is not the calligraphic type of handwriting where each letter is elegant and refined. The writing looks casual, laidback. It seems to have been written by someone who does not put much effort into making the letters look perfect. And yet, somehow the script looks beautiful.

In this way, the 7 for All Mankind logo reflects the effortless elegance characteristic for the products made by 7 For All Mankind, which describes itself as “a hybrid brand of fashion and innovation.”