Sennheiser Logo

Sennheiser Logo
Sennheiser is a famous brand of German company, specialized in design and production of consumer and professional headsets and audio equipment. It was established in 1945 with its focus on microphones. The company is privately managed and sells its products all over the globe.

Meaning and history

Sennheiser Logo history

The Sennheiser is named after its founder, Fritz Sennheiser. Its logo is a bold geometric wordmark with a brand’s emblem on its left. The custom typeface of the wordmark is masculine and strong.
The rectangular emblem has an extended letter “S” separating it diagonally. It is a powerful symbol, reflecting the brand’s stability and professionalism.
The Sennheiser color palette is monochrome, which adds style and modernity to the brand’s visual identity.
The brand’s logo is timeless and elegant, yet strong and brutal at the same time. It is a perfect reflection of high quality and reliability.