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EMachines is an American brand of techn manufacturer, which was established in 1998 and acquired by Acer in 2007. Since its foundation, eMachines sold over 5 million computers worldwide.

Meaning and history

EMachines Logo history

EMachines is the brand, which has always put the pricing policy at the center of its values system. Established in 1998, in just one year the South Korean manufacturer of personal computers has already been ranked as one of the top5 in computer sales.

The success of the brand did not go unnoticed, and in 2004 eMachines was bought by Gateway, which sold it to Acer three years later. Under the Acer management, eMachines continued to exist for six more years, offering affordable personal computers to clients from all over the globe. The brand was discontinued in 2013.

What are EMachines?
EMachines is the name of a discontinued computer brand, which was established in South Korea at the end of the 1990s, and acquired by Acer in 2007. The company was known for manufacturing personal computers, known for their affordable prices. EMachines was discontinued in 2013.

1998 – 2002

EMachines Logo 1998

The very first eMachines logo, introduced in 2013, featured an elegant yet sable and confident combination of a graphical letter-signifier, followed by the lowercase logotype in a square typeface with the characters slightly narrowed. The first “E” was set in bright green, resembling the “E” from the Internet Explorer insignia. As for the main part of the inscription, it was executed in calm blue, with the dot above the “I” colored in the same shade of green, as the first symbol of the logo.

2001 – 2013

eMachines logo

After its foundation, eMachines was focused on manufacturing and distributing Windows desktops. And we can see a link with the Windows XP “E” wallpaper symbol in its logo.

The eMachines logo is composed of “E” graphical element and a classic sans serif font of the “machines” wordmark part.

The “E” icon uses intense bright green color, which adds vitality and dynamics to the brand’s logo, while the main part of the wordmark is executed in strict blue classic lettering.

The color combination of the eMachines logo evokes a sense of professionalism and stability. Blue is a perfect reflection of technological profile of the company, while green shows it as dynamic and respecting their consumers.

The brand was created in a low-cost segment of computer devices industry and its main aim was providing people around the world with a good quality product at affordable prices.

The eMachines was discontinued in 2013, but their website is still working for the customers, who keep using the brand’s PC’s.

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