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Amouage is a famous high-end brand of perfume, which was established in 1983 in Oman. The brand, founded by the sultan of Oman, is known for the production of one of the most expensive perfume collections in the world. Today Amouage expanded its line to bath products and interior incenses and sells its items all over the globe through their 21 brand stores and the world’s most luxury retailers.

Meaning and history

Amouage Logo history

The name of the brand, Amouage, was made up of two words, French and Arabic, the French stand for “Love” and the Arabic — for “Waves”.

Being an official perfume house of the Oman Royal Family, the brand features a luxury and sophisticated visual identity, which points to its royal background.

Some perfume bottles resemble the most famous symbols of Oman — the Grand Mosque of Sultan Qaboos and the Oman dagger, which has been synonymous with the country during all its history.

Before 2002

Amouage Logo old

2002 – 2010

Amouage Logo 2002

2010 – now

Amouage Logo

The company’s logo is composed of an elegant wordmark with an iconic emblem above it. The emblem is one more symbol of the royal essence of the brand, as it repeats one of the royal seals of Oman.

The ornate and fine emblem is composed of a circular frame with a thin delicate image inside. The image depicts two mirrored Arabic letters intertwined with a curved line. It looks sophisticated and evokes a sense of luxury and finesse. A perfect symbol for one of the most expensive brands of perfume in the world.

The color palette of the Amouage logo varies depending on the placement and the perfume collection, but more often the company uses a monochrome color scheme, which adds timelessness and shows the strong link of the brand to its roots and traditions. Black is the most elegant color and it perfectly balances the thin curves of the emblem, adding a sense of professionalism and authority.

On some products the logo is executed in gold and copper shades, which makes it look even more royal and high-end, adding gloss and sparkling to the ornate perfume bottles.


Amouage Emblem

The company’s wordmark in all capitals is executed in an elegant and sleek serif typeface, which is customized but based on a traditional Garamond font, designed by Claude Garamond and Robert Slimbach.

The inscription boasts generous spacing and fine open lines of the letters, which look airy and light, but solid and confident at the same time.

The nameplate is an example of a timeless inscription, which can live on its own without any graphics, and will still represent luxury at its best. The thin fine lines of the wordmark and its straight serifs harmonize the curves of the emblem, making the whole logo balanced and complete.


The brand became famous for its rich perfume compositions, which are adored by people from all over the world. Its intense fragrances reflect the Middle Eastern individuality and traditions, showing the best of the culture and design industry.

Amouage is a synonym to splendor and sumptuousness, and its perfume images it even better than its visual identity and package design. But the brand never planned to stop, as development and growth are very important principles of the company’s philosophy.

Today the brand produces not only perfume but also body care products and interior fragrances, such as sprays and candles. The company also started designing and manufacturing of leather accessories, including bags and wallets.

Amouage is the brand with a unique character and signature. Its products are instantly recognizable, whatever they are — a soap or a perfume, because the company knows what a high quality and exquisite design are, and tends to show it to their customers.

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