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SanDisk is an American brand of flash memory devices manufacturer, established in 1988 by Eli Harari and Jack Yuan. In 2016 the company was acquired by Western Digital and today is one of the world’s leading brands in production of flash Malory cards and drivers.

Meaning and history

SanDisk Logo history

The SanDisk logo is very recognizable around the world. During the brand’s history, there were just two logos, and the original one was redesigned in 2007. Both versions are memorable and bright.

1988 — 2007

SanDisk Logo 1988

The brand was established under the name SunDisk, and was renamed only in the 1990s, so the first emblem is strongly associated with the sun.

The original SanDisk logo was composed of an emblem and a wordmark in sans serif font with some modifications.

The SanDisk emblem was a red parallelogram, throwing a red shadow, with a white flashlight image. The image symbolizes not only the first Sun name of the brand, but also its main product — the memory flash cards. As for the geometric form of the emblem — it resembles of the memory chips.

The original wordmark is a classic typeface of the nameplate with the letter “D” executed as a arched line, symbolizing the Disk or the Sun.

Logo SanDisk

2007 — Today

SanDisk logo

In 2007 the company decided to change its visual identity. There was one problem about the original logo, that needed to be solved — it didn’t look good when placed on the small flash cards.

The new logo is just a wordmark, retaining the character of the previous logotype, but in a more elegant and sophisticated way.

The color scheme is the same — bright red on a white background. There is no more emblem on the SanDisk logo today, but the old flash mark heritage is seen in the parallelogram shape of the “i” dot.

The SanDisk logo is strong and powerful, it celebrates the strength and reliability of the brand, showing its confidence.