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Trend Micro is a Japanese IT company, which specializes in security software development. The company was established in 1988 in Tokyo and today it has subsidiaries in Europe and the USA. Most known for its cloud security programs, Trend Micro works with such big companies as Amazon and Microsoft.

Meaning and history

The Trend Micro logo, composed of a wordmark and an emblem on its left, is minimalist yet contemporary and powerful.

Trend Micro Logo

The inscription, set in two levels, features “Trend” in all capitals executed in a bold sans serif typeface with the straight cut of the letters, and the “Micro”, placed under it in a lighter font, with a lot of space.

Both words of the nameplate are executed in black, which perfectly harmonized the red and white circular emblem of the company.

The Trend Micro emblem is a solid red circle, which is a tribute to Japan and its national flag. Inside the circle there is a white stylized letter “T” in lowercase, with its tail elongated and curved, forming a kind of orbit.

Trend Micro Emblem

The red, white and black color palette of the Trend Micro logo is a traditional choice, which shows the confidence and professionalism of the company, which values progress and innovations but also has a strong connection with its roots and heritage.