Sanyo Logo

Sanyo logoThe logotype of the Japanese electronics company Sanyo has gone a long way from a cursive script wordmark to the current geometrical emblem.

Meaning and History logo

Sanyo Logo history

For the first two years of its history, the company used the National logo, which was then owned by what is now Panasonic Corporation.


Sanyo Symbol
The earliest logo that belonged to Sanyo itself and featured the company name was introduced in 1949. Below the cursive script wordmark, there was a lightning bolt design. The era of script logotypes lasted until 1956 when a logo in a simpler, cleaner type was introduced. Although in 1958 the company adopted a script wordmark once again, it eventually opted for a clearer font in 1961.

The 1986 emblem

Sanyo emblem
The current Sanyo logo looks perfectly legible due to its classic sans serif typeface. The unusual ends of the “N” resemble combs.


The typeface bears an uncanny resemblance to the grotesque font Helvetica Neue Black Italic. It is a classic typeface developed by Eduard Hoffmann and Max Miedinger.