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Suntek Global, according to its web site, it is a combined team of specialists able to provide tailored solutions for integrated development of a product and for boosting its production process. The company’s professionals render support to their client during the whole development cycle of a product, including product conceptualization, designing, software programming up to the manufacturing process organization.

Meaning and history

Suntek logo consists of an emblem and the name of the company written in block letters. The graphics of the word “SUNTEK” are thick and heavy and resemble the commercial font Eurostile Next Extended Bold. It is well visible on all documents of the company and easily recognizable. Under it, there is the word “GLOBAL” made with a font very close to Aban Regular. It is much thinner and lighter with big gaps between the letters; leaving the dominance to the upper part of the wordmark. Both lines of the wordmark are made in a dark tone of cerulean blue colour.

Logo Suntek

The emblem depicts a swirl made up of three loops. The main colour of the emblem is the same as of the wordmark, dark cerulean blue, while the middle loop is made in a much lighter sky blue.

Suntek logo

According to the company’s web site, its team of professional engineers is bound to produce innovative products addressing aggressively possible products development. Their mission is to elaborate a way for their customer to bridge the gap between the introduction of a product and its successful mass manufacturing.